What’s the story about?

Harrison is Home to the Midwest’s largest helium reserve, cops with a relaxed approach to law enforcement, and two brothers Grant.

Sam believes in Law and Order (the concept and the television show) but being the city’s grumpiest bounty hunter and contract crime fighter often puts him on the gray side of the law.

Kevin is a former chemist who’s first stab at a novel hit it big. The second book isn’t coming as easy, and he’s starting to wonder why.

What’s the deal with the comic?

The Brothers Grant is a collection of short stories set around Sam and Kevin. Sometimes the boys are front and center, other times we’ll explore people or things tangential to their lives.*

The comic updates irregularly because we publish one full story or chapter at a time. When a story is released we’ll update one page per week for FREE. Can’t wait to read the whole thing? You can purchase the entire story immediately as a PDF. It gets you early access and helps out the comic.

Who are Chris & Gin?

We’re a super comics duo in Indianapolis! Find out more about us by visiting our main website.