Sam Grant

Fancies himself a crime fighter. In truth, he's a thug in the employ of Phil’s Guyporium. Obsessed with police procedurals. Lives with his brother and sister-in-law. A reeeeeal catch.

Kevin Grant

Had a successful career in chemistry. Threw it all away to become a writer. His book was alright, but not worth changing your life over.
  • bella

    Bella Basile-Grant

    A high-powered business woman who spends more time on a plane than she does on the ground. Probably in Rome or some other place. Calls Kevin “Tum-Tums.”

  • phil

    Phil Bracken

    Owner of Phil’s Guyporium, a one-stop-shop for your various needs. The majority of his earnings are gained through bounty hunting and bail bonds. The interest rates he offers are criminal.

  • greg

    Greg Eiche

    Clearly a mid-westerner who’s been away too long. Thinks Panera is a local restaurant. A poor knowledge of pop culture and a complete lack of personal records suggests he is a time traveler.

  • vidal

    Adrianna Vidal

    Wanted on multiple continents for dozens of high profile robberies. Routinely burns down the buildings she robs to cover her tracks. Not coincidentally: Wanted on multiple continents for dozens of high profile arsons. Loves gyros and alcohol.

  • charlotte

    Charlotte White


  • keegan

    Keegan Brandt

    Nationally-acclaimed writer with multiple appearances on the NY Times bestsellers list. His books are pretty great, but his poetry doesn’t make any sense (or most poetry, to be fair). Infamously harsh adjunct professor at Van Burren University.

  • corey


    Cautiously optimistic.

  • feldman


    Some people stumble into a life of crime. Feldman looked in the classifieds.

  • luke


    He’s got some eyebrows doesn’t he?

  • jenkins

    T.M. Jenkins


  • lasalle

    Dr. Rodrick LaSalle

    Director of the Harrison Museum of History. Treats the museum’s collection as his personal library. Harrison’s biggest bag of wind.

  • baker

    Jake Baker

    A detective for the Harrison Police Department. Keeps a strict division between his work and personal life. Attends improv classes alternate Wednesdays.

  • terryMorgan

    Terry + Morgan

    In a word: annoying.

  • clark

    Dr. Jason Clark

    (and Dexter) Archaeologist who led the 1952 Lindriss expedition. Former host of a children’s PBS show on ancient civilizations. Currently a tenured professor at Van Burren University.